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Helping dogs are special and these two are no exception. Both of them are 3-legged wonder dogs! They have proven to be valuable additions to the office by making it easier to begin some important conversations about hardship and healing.  Many children are drawn to them for their sweet, gentle dispositions and report feeling more comfortable, calm and positive when they are present. However, if you or your child are allergic to or fearful of dogs, we will certainly meet in a room without them! They can still be useful, even in their absence.  Andy and Loretta have each endured an accident, an amputation, a recovery and multiple re-homing experiences. Thankfully, with help, they have healed physically and emotionally. Because of this, they embody the therapeutic process of growth and positive change - each one learning to live in a new or different way. Once they found a forever home, Andy and Loretta became the lovable mascots at Farhat Family Counseling. 

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The Mascots:

Andy & Loretta

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